Cutting Corners to Save

If you're hoping to invest in the stock market, you certainly need to have some money saved in order to do so. Many people are bewildered at the idea of saving money. It's all they can do to make their mortgage payment and to put food on the table. Here, we offer some concrete ways that you can try to save money during the month - and have something to save!

Be Your Own Chef

Try to cook for yourself at home as much as possible. This includes bringing your lunch to work and having dinner in your house. If you work a great deal, or if both you and your spouse work, this can be a tricky thing to do. Try to prepare lunch the night before so that you'll be ready to take it as you run out the door in the morning. Get in the habit of cooking a number of meals for the week on Sunday night, allowing for leftovers and for meals when you run in at night very hungry.

Forgo Starbucks

Believe it or not, people have found that they can save hundreds of dollars a month by making their own coffee. Certainly, you don't have to go into deprivation, and you may stop for the occasional latte, but try not to make it a habit.

Shopping Tips

You've probably heard this before, but it can be very important to do your grocery shopping with a list - and to stick to it. Impulse shopping can cause you to spend a great deal of money that you weren't planning to spend. In addition, never shop when you are hungry. People tend to buy more when they want to be eating. Shop at the place that advertises the best deals and use coupons whenever possible. When you can, buy in bulk, as this will allow you to save a great deal of money. Finally, generic products are usually just as good as the name brands. Buy generics and save a fortune - while still getting the soda and cookies with a similar taste.

Paying Bills

Try to pay off any debts that you have as soon as possible. Interest makes you throw money away - and what a shame to give your hard-earned money to financial groups that just grow rich off of you. Similarly, pay your bills on time and avoid late fees. Make sure your bank account is balanced and stay away from late fees.

Enjoy the Cell Phone

Cell phones today are so ubiquitous, it is a shame for many people to spend money on home phones. Get rid of the land line and save a good deal of money each month in this way.

Enjoy Second-Hand Books

While books are certainly important, and reading should be encouraged for people of all ages, it doesn't have to be an expensive hobby. Go to the neighborhood library as much as possible. If you want to own your own books, try to shop in second hand stores or see if friends want to part with any of the books they've already read. Similarly, cancel your subscriptions to magazines and enjoy the news that they offer free online. Some people might have a hard time parting with the printed version of their favorite magazine - but you'll sure save money saying goodbye to it.


Finally, go to matinee movies rather than waiting for the more expensive movies later in the evening. If you are willing to save money and curl up at home with a video, try to become a member of some of the online video rental companies. They have a great selection and charge less than do the stores where you can rent the same movies. Enjoy free activities with friends and family as well, such as going to the beach, riding a bike, taking a walk, and sitting in the backyard at sunset.

These are a few of the many ways that you might be able to save money each month, without sacrificing a great deal. Hopefully, these suggestions will allow you to put aside a nest egg that can be used for investments in the future!